Photonic crystal technology makes a stunning debut at CES 2024: releasing the world's first rollable transparent display technology
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[Las Vegas, January 9 , 2024 ] At the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) , Photonic Crystal Technology Company will launch the world's first rollable transparent display technology. This innovative technology promises to revolutionize display solutions for commercial, office and public spaces, providing users with unprecedented transparency and spatial adaptability. At the heart of this technology is Photonic Crystal Technology’s patented nanoAR © , a nano-optical material that selectively reflects projector light while allowing ambient light to pass through. When in use, nanoAR © unfolds and hangs, displaying bright, vivid and highly transparent images above the real world. When not in use, nanoAR © can automatically roll up to save storage space. nanoAR © standard dimensions are 5m x 4m , custom sizes are  also available.  

Dr. Wang Yongjing of Photonic Crystal Technology said: “This CES exhibition is an important milestone for us because we will showcase the world’s first rollable transparent display technology. The introduction of this technology will provide us with Revolutionizing the way content is viewed in commercial, office and public spaces. We are excited to share this innovative vision with a global audience."

In addition, Photonic Crystal Technology will also demonstrate other transparent display products utilizing nanoAR© technology, including applications in consumer electronics and automotive smart cockpits. In the field of smart cockpits, applications include automotive sunroofs, partition displays, side windows, AR HUD, etc. In the field of consumer electronics, products include transparent TVs, holographic showcases, virtual fish tanks, etc. These innovative products will further consolidate Photonic Crystal Technology's leadership position in the field of display technology. Media representatives and visitors are welcome to visit Photonic Crystal Technologies’ booth #60253 at Venetian Expo G in Eureka Park during CES 2024.

At that time, Dr. Wang Yongjing will personally introduce and demonstrate the technology to the audience. If you want to discuss and communicate with Dr. Wang Yongjing at the exhibition, please call  4000-666-072 to make an appointment in advance.