All-in-one Series

Motorized Height-Adjustable Transparent Projection Display  

Introducing NanoAR Transparent Motorized Display, a revolutionary technology that takes commercial display into a new era of "airborne imaging. Unlike traditional displays with limited mobility and a tendency to block views, our innovative transparent display offers complete transparency, ultra-high definition, and can seamlessly blend into any space. Its unique ability to present crystal-clear, naked-eye 3D visuals from any position in the air creates a futuristic and sci-fi atmosphere, making it the ultimate display solution for advertising and exhibiting.


Exhibition halls, stage dances, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, KTV, commercial spaces.

Product Features

  • Fully transparent, Full HD, Large sized, Motorized

  • Naked-Eye 3D futuristic display, blends effortlessly with surroundings

  • Ultra-thin soft material, Reliable, Low power consumption, Cost-effective

 Holobot AI Receptionist  

Holobot® is an all-in-one holographic robot system that comes in one Hologram display, one projector and all other ready-to-assemble mechanical parts. Its built-in AI and 1: 1 virtual 3D model projected on totally transparent glass panels provide viewers with an immersive experience of human-like interactions for information and entertainment uses.


Corporate showrooms, science park, museums, exhibition pavilions, shopping centers.

Product Features

  • Provide 24/7 uninterrupted information for visitors

  • Human-like interaction with built-in audio interactive technology

  • Futuristic eye-catching technology 

  • All-in-One Plug and Play design

 AR Showcase 

Photonic AR Showcase is a smart integration of our transparent display and traditional showcases. It utilizes existing glass panel of the showcases to present simulated three-dimensional multimedia images without interfering the beauty of physical exhibits. With our showcase solutions, your products are now capable of speaking for itself in the absence of human touch. Voilà


Retail stores, commercial areas, shopping malls, jewelry stors, etc.

Product Features

  • Full HD, full color, multimedia display

  • Demonstrates physical exhibits, aesthetic virtual reality simultaneously


  • Simulated cutting-edge futuristic 3D display viewing experience

  • Empowers products to speak for itself and catch eyes instantly

 Transparent TV 

Photonic Transparent TV is an exquisite desktop holographic display that combines every element for a futuristically novel presentation on your countertop.
It presents HD bright images on a completely transparent glass panel, suitable for exhibition halls, shopping malls, conference rooms, and the everyday home.


Office, exhibition halls, museums, retail store, everyday home and other scenes.

Product Features

  • 360° visible fully transparent, ultra-high-definition, full-color display.

  • Economical choice at 1/3 of OLED transparent display market prices.

  • Fuse virtual media and reality view into a futuristic display device.

  • Ultra-thin screen, All-in-One Plug and Play easy install.
 Corporate Image Wall 

Receptions have always been the face of corporates to present culture, brand value, and product promotions. When traditional displays fail to align with such expectation, Photon AR Corporate Image Wall can present anything you want your visitors to see in a cool, eyes-grabbing way. We have had successful installs around the globe and continue counting.


Corporate receiption, office, exhibition hall and public area entrances

Product Features

  • Large screen size, full HD, full color, and fully transparent

  • Provides 3D holographic viewing experience

  • Impresses the visitors with an out of box technology

  • Supports remote content updates and auto power-on, shut-down timer 
AR Teaching Lightboard 

1.    AR Teaching Board

AR Teaching Lightboard is a technologically advanced system for disruptive online video teaching. It comprises a transparent projection screen, an integrated LED projector and touch control technology. And with simply any household cameras or smartphones, teaching sessions including facial expression, handwriting, and physical presentation, now can be easily recorded and preserved for further online distribution. Through teaching content instantly displayed on the whiteboard, our solution retains face to face communications between teachers and students for better and more effective educational experience.

Online tutorial, Vlog, YouTube, live video streaming

Product Features

  • Face-to-face teaching with instant content displayed on the whiteboard

  • Keep up eye-to-eye teachers, students communication 

  • Dual smooth handwriting modes available

  • Quality educational live streaming teaching, no further video
    post-processing needed

  • IR touch technology for a better and more effective educational experience