Who We Are

Photonic Crystal Technology is a national high-tech certified global leader in HD transparent projection displays, AR (Augmented reality) displays and a diverse range of modern applications.

Empowered by our revolutionary proprietary technology, NanoAR®, we have been dedicated to elevating projects around the globe with our visual solutions including but not limited to transparent displays, AR and MR (Mixed reality) displays.

Our History

NanoAR was established in 2017 by a group of internationally distinguished experts with a dedicated R&D team at the forefront of displays technology, and backed up by VCs (Venture Capital) including CBM International. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China with research centers in San Jose, USA, and Beijing, and Shanghai, our focus has always been to innovate HD transparent display technology and serve the world with PCC total solutions from technology materials, systems to tailor-made applications.

NanoAR®, brought to you by Photonic Crystal Technology


Our global award-winning patented technology NanoAR® Transparent Projection Display can turn all clear media (glass, acrylic, etc.) into a HD high-resolution full color display that has been extensively used to visually enhanced billboards, retail stores, vehicle displays, HUDs, cinemas, and AR glasses, etc., 

Photonic Crystaldedicated to changing the world through

innovative, immersive, HD AR experience.