In-vehicle Infotainment 
As technology is accelerating faster than ever before, so were beloved in-vehicle infotainment systems, ever since self-driving starts taking over the road. NanoAR Automobile Solution is able to ensure this rising technology can satisfy consumers' needs for infotainment service while balancing with reassurance and safety by best leveraging automobile spaces from car windshield, side windows to rear view windows for the next generation in-vehicle infotainment and passengers entertainment with industry leading compact volume and large FOV (Field of View).
 NanoAR Virtual- Ultra Compact AR-HUD 

NanoAR© Virtual- Ultra Compact AR HUD was designed to fix the small FOV and large volume where conventional AR-HUD fall short. It can project graphics and key information both onto the windshield and overlaid on top of the physical road in the driver's FOV to keep them undistracted. With its industry leading VID (Virtual Image Distance) > 7m and FOV > 13° plus the most compact size < 1L, merely 1/10 of existing technology, our solution can be easily integrated into a variety of vehicle types and benefit drivers with this most advanced technology to ensure they are safe and informed behind the wheel.

Product Features

  • Industry leading ultra-compact volume < 1L

  • Large FOV (Field of View) > 13°

  • VID (Virtual Image Distance) > 7m


  • High resolution, full color display

  • Applicable to all car models making AR-HUD a commonplace in vehicles

 NanoAR Real- Transparent Display for Smart Cockpit 

NanoAR© has become the brand of choice for smart car cockpit display solutions due to its front projection mode, low haze, and high efficiency features and the power to transform ordinary windshield, sunroof, side window and interior partition into a large size display to inform and entertain as dash board, GPS, and so on while drivers on their daily commute. We have also partnered with many auto industry giants, OEMs and Tier 1s including Fuyao Glass America on in-vehicle applications while officially certified by its auto-grade certification. And we can't be more exhilarated that our very own NanoAR© has been implemented into two mainstream car models scheduled to release in 2023.

Side window Displays

•   Entertainment

  • LBS info

  • LBS advertisement

AI Hologram Assistant

•   Infotainment

  • Mobile office, enetertainment

Partition Displays

•   Entertainment

  • Mobile office

Sunroof Displays

•   Large size 3D cinema experience in your vehicles

  • Entertainment for backseat passengers,
        drivers when charging