See the Future – 360º Holographic Transparent Display at CES 2020
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Las Vegas, Nevada, CES Exhibit #50913, January 7-10, 2020

Photonics Crystal Co. will unveil the world’s first 360º Holographic Transparent Display at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  It is a futuristic display viewable from all 360 degree angles, yet is fully transparent so that floating and  virtual information merges with reality.


This innovation is based on our proprietary NanoAR® technology that utilizes the transparent hologram to precisely control the light from projectors and the light from real world in different ways.  It enables a myriad of display applications in Augmented Reality (AR), HUD, Holographic Digital Signage, Interactive virtual assistants and even 3D movie screens.

“NanoAR® transparent display technology is a disruptive display technology compared with conventional transparent displays.  It is super clear and has haze as low as 1.0 % so that it can be used in many critical applications like automotive HUDs.” Said Dr. Yong-jing Wang, CTO of Photonics Crystal Co.

About Photonics Crystal Co.

Photonics Crystal Co. is based in Santa Clara, CA and Shenzhen, China.  We are committed to developing new generation displays and applications for holographic digital signage, HUDs, Glasses-free AR displays and Lightfield displays.

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