ChatGPT Integration with Holobot® AI Assistant Unlocks Limitless Customer Interaction Possibilities
From: | Author:NanoAR | Time :2023-03-15 | 758 Scan: | 分享到:

We are excited to announce that our Virtual Robot System—Holobot® has successfully integrated ChatGPT, the most advanced, widely talked-about AI language model. This integration has opened up a world of possibilities for a variety of applications, including customer service, entertainment, and education.


Holobot® featuring nanoAR transparent projection display is an all-in-one voice activated holographic robot system with built-in AI and 1:1 virtual 3D model projected onto fully transparent glass panels providing an immersive experience for viewers seeking human-like interactions for information and entertainment purposes.

Integration of ChatGPT with our Holobot® holographic robot system allows us to expand its capabilities to handle a broader range of inquiries and provide even more accurate and helpful responses. This revolutionary technology has limitless potential uses across various industries, including commercial, entertainment, healthcare, and education, and has the power to greatly enhance the customer experience.


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