NanoAR© Transparent Projection Display

NanoAR© Transparent Projection Display is a proprietary nano-optic material that selectively reflects/scatters light from a projector, while being fully transparent enabling real world light pass through from the opposite side and overlaps a vivid projected image with a surrounding reality view. It can be made-to-measure to control light in different ways in various applications and empowered by its industry leading transmittance and ability to produce either real images on the substrate for pseudo holographic, 3D viewing experience or virtual images away from the substrate.

NanoAR© is destined to revolutionize the display landscape.

Photonic Crystal Technology

Since introduced in 2017 by a group of internationally distinguished displays technology experts, Photonic Crystal Co. LTD has been leading the world in HD transparent projection displays, AR (Augmented reality) displays and a wide range of applications as a national high-tech certified industry pioneer. Empowered by our revolutionary proprietary technology, NanoAR©, our sole mission is to innovate HD transparent display technology by fusing virtual world and the real by our integrated solutions from technology materials, systems to tailor-made applications for commercial displays, in-vehicle infotainment, HUDs, 3D cinemas, and AR glasses. As we say: Make Every Window a Display.

Application Cases
  • Smart 3D Holograhic Window Display for retail and commercial spaces
  • NanoAR HUD demo at noontime
  • The first 360° viewing angle display
  • Super vivil color and high resolsuion
  • Newly created stage virtual character demonstration