Photonic Crystal  Co., Ltd


Fully transparent media, based on principles of physics, cannot form an image because the light passes through. We have invented and further developed the NanoAR® photonic projection film that is based on a disruptive Nano-Optic technology that selectively reflects light from any projector and also allows the light from the opposite side to completely pass through to the viewer.

NanoAR® Transparent Photonic Projection Screen

NanoAR® is the world's first fully transparent projection display technology. It produces vivid, detailed images onto fully transparent glass or plastic media so that the virtual information appears to overlap with the real world.  

This newly invented and patented technology enables many futuristic applications like eye catching digital retail signage, AR immersive displays without glasses and even next generation Lightfield displays (multi-view glasses-free 3D). It can also be widely used in commercial buildings, museums, stage performances, automotive glass and many other interactive applications.

  • NanoAR HUD demo at noontime
  • The first 360° viewing angle display
  • Super vivil color and high resolsuion
  • Newly created stage virtual character demonstration
  • Mall garage entrance photonic advertising screen
Application Cases